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Email Over Postal Mail – Advantages and Disadvantages
Email Over Postal Mail - Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Email over postal Mail or conventional mail are as follows. So allow us to discover a few benefits and drawbacks of an e-mail to understand more approximately electronic mail. Some Advantages of Email Over Postal Mail are: Email provides message inside seconds. High Speed. While traditional postal service takes time. Email gives you message free of cost. While postal mail charge postage stamps more price. No want to journey places in order to ship message through Email carrier. Email provider do no use paper therefore it's far environmentally friendly. Emall may be sent to multiple humans whithin seconds without difficulty. No geographical barrier to ship message through e-mail at the same time as in postal service it takes days or months to supply message to other u . S . A .. Some Disadvantages of Email Over Postal Mail are: Internet connection is required. Email address is required to ship message. Basic know-how of pc and Internet is important so that you can send e-mail. These are some of the advantages and downsides of using e-mail over postal mail or traditional mail gadget.

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